International exhibition


international interdisciplinary exhibition

5. 10. 2018 – 29. 12. 2018

KIBLA PORTAL, Maribor (Slovenia)

Osebno / Personal Artists:

Jozef Suchoža (SK)Di_visio, curator Alena Vrbanov
Nataša Prosenc Stearns (SI/US)
Jože Slaček (SI)
Jiři Kočica (SI)
Jure Fingušt Prebil (SI)
Janez Kardelj (SI)
Maruša Šuštar (SI)
Tadej Vaukman (SI)
Maša Jazbec (SI) & Zoran Poznič (SI)
Artists&Poor’s (SI)
Radovan Kunić (HR)
Boštjan Novak (SI)
Dragica Čadež Lapajne (SI)
Anka Krašna (SI)
Selma Selman (BA/US)
Nikita Shalenny (UA)
Miha Erjavec (SI)
Nataša Berk (SI)
Vlado Repnik (SI)
Simon Macuh (SI)
OR poiesis (SI)
Martin Kohout (CZ/DE)
Marija Ančić (BA)
Meggy Rustamova (GE/BE)

Attempts, Failures, Trials and Errors; curators Tincuta Heinzel and Hillevi Munthe Artists:

Teresa Almeida (PT/UK/SE)
Beam (NL)
Anca Badut (CA)
Shih Wei Chieh (TW)
Kate Sicchio (US) & Camille Baker (CA/UK)
Renata Gaui (BR/US)
DZNR Design Studio (RO)
Corina Andor (RO)
Shary Kock (NL)
Aline Martinez Santos (BR/DE)
Afroditi Psarra (EL/US)
Annette Schmid & Veerle Pennock (DE/NL)
Zoran Popovici (RO)
Natacha Roussel (FR/BE)
Vitalii Shupliak (UA/PL)
Giulia Tomasello (IT/UK)
Pauline Vierne (FR/DE)
ZEST Collective (RO)
Ebru Kurbak (TR/AT)
Mili John Tharakan (IN/UK)
Rebecca Stewart (US/UK)
Anna Biro (CA/RO)
Tincuta Heinzel (RO/DE/UK)

The group exhibition PERSONAL involves art works by (mostly) European artists that explore personal, in some way intimate attitudes, depending on which side of the human personality is observed, listened to, touched, sensed, even smelled or tasted through different aspects of the art works on display. PERSONAL scrutinizes bodies, ideas and concepts, as well as other, diverse forms of transitions between the physical and non-physical (re)presentation of the imaginative creative process, which unfolds in each of the artists’ personalities.

PERSONAL questions how, what, where and when an individual within the society can, may or should open up their true self. As someone who gives instead of just taking. As someone who employs their vocabulary to reveal their inner world, to depict, discuss, and evaluate their own personal reality as part of the virtual social realm. What does personal stand for in our media-driven society? Is there anything social about the individualism preached by our politically correct civil society, or by multinational corporations? It seems that personal is not necessarily the same as individual, as Monty Python illustrated brilliantly in The Life of Brian, when Brian calls out “You are all individuals, you are all different!” and a voice from the crowd replies: “I’m not!”

If individualism is a corporate buzz word, a marketing term used to sell products and divide consumers into target groups (an utterly militaristic formulation designed exclusively for business purposes), then personal should be understood as something intimate, which encompasses our inner and also outer world, our emotions, feelings, perceptions, intuition, our hearts and thoughts, our body and soul. While individualism is a commonly used brand, personal somehow still remains a place of our own, even though it is constantly under attack, most often by various “instruments” of control, both on-line and off-line. Understanding the difference between the commodity of individual and the inclusiveness of personal can perhaps create a space for freedom to shine though the narrow slit of human existence and humane relationships. To take a step even further, personal could be seen as the core state of privacy, where empathetic and responsible people keep our relationships, our attitudes towards everything that surrounds us, and also our deepest creativity.

Personal is our strength, whereas individual is just an item to be sold. Nevertheless, in our technologically connected world, via infinite communication channels and transportation networks, the personal still survives, although it sometimes gets stuck in the banality of overwhelming global patterns, and the individual seems merely a corpse on the altar of national, religious and political ideologies supported by a unified market economy. Individualism is therefore presumably the strongest and most offensive totalitarian approach in contemporary society, smashing it to bits and pieces, so it can be more easily digested. And personal is one of the last islands on which survival is possible with all our thoughts, intentions, doubts and everything else, a place where we can nurture inspiration, intuition, interest, artistic poetics and cultural behavior. As our earthly existence unfolds within the constantly changing space-time continuum, we can decide either to extend the limits of our common world, or to tiptoe through life stealthily, safely hidden under a pleasure dome. While personal is quiet in its creative process and intense in its achievements, individual is, on the contrary, loud in the crowd and modest in its outcomes, resulting in silent and manipulated masses.

The exhibition PERSONAL, therefore, is about insights, about the deepest relationships, emotions and feelings observed by the artistic souls of the participating authors, felt by their artistic hearts, and realised through their artistic touch. Anyone can be anywhere, but only someone can be somewhere, and only someone can reveal something personal. PERSONAL is about persons and their personalities, inviting us to dive in and simply be.

Peter Tomaž Dobrila

ACE KIBLA Production

Exhibition curators Peter Tomaž Dobrila, Nina Jeza, Aleksandra Kostič, Tincuta Heinzel & Hillevi Munthe, Alena Vrbanová

Producers Peter Lubej, Lidija Pačnik Awais

Exhibition set-up Peter Tomaž Dobrila, Nina Jeza, Aleksandra Kostič and artists 

Technical crew Simon Sedmak, Peter Lubej, Denis Jančič

3D exhibition model and website design Petja Janžekovič

Layout design DijanaBožić

Image design Damjan Švarc

Translations and proofreading Helena Fošnjar, Cameron Bobro, Snežana Štabi

Administration Mirjana Predojevič 

Co-production Društvo za sodobno umetnost X-OP Artists and Poor’s Združenje KODA MODRO President, Kommunio

Risk Change Project Partners: ACAX (HU), MMSU (HR), MSUV (RS), RIXC (LV), ZINC (FR), UOA (GR), TAKOMAT (DE), X-OP (SI), pogodbenik / subcontractor: FOPSIM (MT)

Razstava Osebno je del velikih mednarodnih dogodkov štiriletnega projekta Risk Change / Tvegaj spremembo (2016–2020), ki ga sofinancira program Ustvarjalna Evropa Evropske Unije. KID KIBLA podpirata Mestna občina Maribor in Ministrstvo za kulturo Republike Slovenije.

The exhibition Personal is a part of large-scale international events of the four-year project Risk Change (2016–2020), co-financed by the Creative Europe program of the European Union. ACE KIBLA is co-funded by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the Municipality of Maribor.

ACE KIBLA is a member of M3C, Multimedia Centers Network of Slovenia; International Platform X-OP eXchange of Operators and Producers; and McRU, Network of Slovenian Arts Research Centers. In 2008 KIBLA received the European Seal of E-Excellence in multimedia, awarded by the European Multimedia Forum (EMF).