Vlado Repnik (Slovenia)

About the artist

Vlado G. Repnik is an academy-trained painter, with a MFA in theater and radio directing. His areas of creation include performance, new media art forms, and visual and performing arts. As a poly-media artist he operates via intrusion of the real, manifestations, visual lectures and other paradoxical connections. As a visiting artist/lecturer, he has collaborated with a range of art institutions home and abroad; outside of Slovenia, his works have been presented as part of international festivals and publications in Berlin, Prague, Paris, Madrid, Avignon, Maubeuge, Zagreb, Belgrade, London, Rome, Tallinn, Lisbon, Barcelona, Vienna, Athens, and Tokyo.

Exhibited works

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Vlado G. Repnik (SI)
Caravaggio, 2017
1,5″ > 1′ 46″ > ∞
video, zanka / loop