Natacha Roussel (France/Belgium)

About the artist

Natacha Roussel creates organic like haptic interfaces involving one or several users they can be body extension or come as close to the body to being a garment. She currently pursues a Phd research at the planetary collegium concentrating on augmented clothes as a collective environment.In 2003 she co-founded Experientiae Electricae, Experientiae Electricae integrates technologies based on rudimentary electronic principles and leading to multiple occupation of city space.

Exhibited works

Natacha Roussel (FR/BE): Interac, 2008/2012
video, trajanje / duration: 02:44

Interac wearing is a work I have pursued over several years that materialized in several instances of wearable propositions of a low bandwidth mesh network, between 2008 and 2012. It consist in a set of costumes that responds to their users walking step by triggering a sound that can be heard by other participants, other costumes, disturbing their own pace and sensation. The visuals associated to the piece remotely map participants triangulating their position one relative to the other.

My attempts to experiment on wearables were always seizing the limits of the technological possibilities, hence always flirting with what some people call failure, but for me they are part of an achievement. In this work I wanted to explore several very difficult technologies and concepts in live situations, such as: non location based, non hierarchical digital positioning; using wearables to produce meaningful collective biofeedback, distributed network based group interaction in the city, etc.