Teresa Almeida (Portugal/UK/Sweden)

About the artist

Teresa Almeida is an artist/designer/researcher/educator. Her work explores the relationship between art, technology and wearable media, by incorporating dynamic structures fashioned to the body for use in public space. Some of her projects include inflatables, sound reactive garments, and social coping patches. She has shown widely and is published in the books Fashionable Technology (2008) and Future Fashion (2010).
 Main interests are wearable and soft technology, craft, tangible and embodied interfaces, ecology, sustainability, and design for empowerment and social innovation. She holds a Master’s Degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University and is currently pursuing her PhD at Open Lab, School of Computing Science, Newcastle University, UK, where she will continue to explore tangible and digital interactions for emotional understanding and expression in playful interactions.


Exhibited works

The Bitness Project V.01

The design toolkit is my initial attempt at exploring ways in which digital technology can contribute to creating awareness of women’s intimate body. This exploratory study began by addressing the fitness of the pelvic floor in young women and consisted of two sets of materials for body mapping and DIY wearable e-textiles. Its focus was on preventative care practices and incontinence as a condition that can be assisted (prevented) by pelvic floor exercises (Kegels).