Marija Ančić (BiH)

About the artist

Marija Ančić was born in Sarajevo in 1982. After completing a degree in Conservation-restoration of art in 2005, and getting a Master’s degree in Sculpture in 2010. at UMAS, she moved to Zagreb where she now lives and works. She has had several solo exhibitions, and has participated in many group exhibitions in Croatia and abroad. She is a finalist of  Radoslav Putar Award for best young contemporary artist in 2016.

Exhibited works

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“Traps” is a series of GIF works I have been making since 2017, which feature a female character in various traps. A trap is a device meant to catch and capture, whether it is a secret trap, a bait, decoy or a fraud the victim does not know it fell in it until it’s too late.

My traps are exaggerated caricatures based on cartoons, movies and pop culture (a huge bear trap, a secret trap door, quicksand, etc) and they stand for feelings of anxiety, insecurity, isolation, alienation. The loop creates a surreal effect of the character being stuck in the trap forever with no possibility of escape, however she is aware of the danger and is successfully avoiding it, living with it. The trap is in a similar position because despite the infinite attempts it fails to fulfill its function. So the trap and the character exist in a stalemate.