Nataša Berk (Slovenia)

About the artist

Nataša Berk (1978) is a versatile, ironically provocative avant-gardist of existentialism with an abstract instinct. After finishing high school for Design and Photography (photography course) she enrolled at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts (Akademie der Bildenden künste, Wien), in the new media program (video and computer art) at prof. Peter Kogler, where she attained her Master’s degree in 2005. In 2006/7 she attended a curatorial course at the SCCA (Institute of Contemporary Art) in Ljubljana.

As a multipotentialite she is not interested in any particular genre and works in almost all areas of art. In 2009, she developed the project “Čajnašop”, through which she (illegally) sold smaller, funny and strange art products. In 2013 she created a small gallery “0.04m³” and in 2015, together with the artist Guillaume Stagnaro, she created a smaller mobile gallery “0,02m³”, where she works as a curator and a selector. Recent solo exhibitions include: Even for Dada, Time is Too Abstract in Maribor (2015); Berk is Just an Illusion in Maribor; Eine revolution ohne tanzen ist eine revolution die sich nicht ohnt in ino Šiška, Ljubljana (2017). She has exhibited at Central House of Artists (Moscow), Wiener Art Foundation (Vienna), MFRU+KIBLIX (Maribor), Pixxelpoint Festival (Nova gorica), P74 (Ljubljana), Viennabiennale_010 (Vienna), TOM Foundation (Amsterdam) and Lothringer13/laden (Munich).

Exhibited works

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