Beam (Netherlands)

About the artist

E-textile designer, artist, teacher “Design” & the Future, at art school, Rotterdam. After studying Astronomy (MA) and Art, autonomous art practice was combined in Art-Science projects. Painting and drawing transformed in installations, video, Game programming, embedded electronics. Synthesis by combining fabrics and electronics: e-textiles. E-textiles feels as alive and future. Extending e-textiles with Design, Giving courses smart textiles and The Future of Fashion.

Exhibited works

Swatch Book Interpretations

With a rectangular piece of carbon non woven, a microcontroller ATiny85, with two analog inputs and 4 LEDs a device can be made which indicates on which quadrangle of the carbon a droplet has fallen.

Made in 25 versions for the swatch book exchange at the e-textile summer camp in Paillard, France ( On each of the 25 swatches is embroidered a different keyword from the text of Baudrillard on inessential personalization features of industrial design (Le système des objets, 1978).