Zoran Popovici (Romunija)

About the artist

ZORAN POPOVICI studied architecture and, slightly out of context, motorcycle mechanic. Currently digital storyteller and expert virtual studio creator at TVR, the Romanian Public Broadcasting network. Prior to that, Co-Founding & Directing edukube, an educational hub for digital tools used in art and architecture focused on lecturing, teaching and holding workshops in multiple 3d software and real-time applications.

Exhibited works

Cubifix, Recycled Wood Toys

The activity of my office brought me close to the wood industry, especially wood products and the amount of waste produced by it. Using scrap wood, particularly the handrail from stairs, I started the iterations to develop a wooden toy collection.

The series of wooden toys has a central piece used in all of them. A letter “C” shaped “cabin” – positioned differently for each toy conveying a different shape – from tractor to train. As the project evolved, the design became more intricate by mixing different kind of materials with wood.

The project failed to the mentality that I can do everything regarding this project, and my lack of knowledge about marketing became its Achilles heel. There was also an issue with scalability and a lack of constant feed of scrap materials, the factory most of the time used to burn all the remaining wood.