Shary Kock (Netherlands)

About the artist

Shary Kock is an information scientist with a background in human-centered multimedia and currently working as an e-commerce stylist. For her bachelor thesis she did a conceptual design for a wearable system for musicians on the road and for the master she did research on textile parameters. In her free time she likes to gain more practical experience through workshops as this was missing during her studies and follow lectures to remain knowledgeable on the relevant topics.

Exhibited works

The Boogynoma Shirt & Belt

The concept of the Boogynoma system came to life due to observations in my immediate surroundings. As most of my friends are musicians living in the Netherlands and mostly travelling with public transportation, being able to capture the initial stages of a song might present some issues. Since garments are worn most of the time and are close to the body, the idea of a wearable system came to mind. From the pre-study it seemed that musicians prefer the option of more than one instrument to record with, therefore I made the choice to include guitar strings and bass strings patches and invisible kneepads for drumming. Recordings can be made through gesture-based interaction. The system prototype consists of string patches, LEDs, sensors, headphones, microphone, hidden camera, gyroscope & projector which support different functionalities. The belt adds support for the user to choose between a set of chords. Unfortunately this system is not functional. Due to time and budget restraints the decision was made to provide a mock-up of the system. This was achieved by recording video showcasing of the functionalities if applied in a real world setting.