Vitalii Shupliak (Ukraine/Poland)

About the artist

Vitalii Shupliak was born in 1993 in Berezhany, Ukraine. Mainly engaged in performance, video and installation, leading “Pi” Gallery.


  • 2016 University of Arts in Poznań, Faculty of Sculpture and Space Activities, PL.
  • 2016 Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Faculty of Polish and Classical Philology, Polish-German philology), PL.
  • 2014-2016 University of Arts in Poznań, Faculty of Art Education, specialty: Space Activities, (Master’s degree. Graduated with honors) PL.

Exhibited works

Vitalii Schupliak (UA/PL): Signals, 2017
video, trajanje / duration: 04:42 min


The main idea was to create a flag without meaning (signal). The project aimed to raise questions and not to offer solutions. The work presents a projection screen with no signals displayed on a white real flag. The video is the documentation process without special effects.