Pauline Vierne (France/Germany)

About the artist

Pauline Vierne is now for two years electronic-textile designer at the Design Research Lab, Berlin University of the Arts in the Connected Textiles research group, currently working for the project DAAN. Pauline´s work is about textile + sensors + knitting and starts to explore output possibilities through optical fibers, LEDs and thermochromics.

Pauline is also part of a project from DFKI (German Research Institute on Artificial Intelligence) to develop a knitted sensing garment. That´s a great opportunity to broaden and open perspectives between textile materials – electronics – natural organisms – academic and/or non academic application contexts…

Exhibited works

DAAN Ambient Assisted Living project

Part of a research consortium on the project DAAN founded by the German Federal

Ministry of Education and Research. Partners: DFKI GmbH, Deutsche Telekom AG, IXDS GmbH, Universität Stuttgart, Intuitity Media Lab.

The failure presented here is an early prototype trial, part of the overall “Ambient Assisted Living” research area in Human-Computer Interaction. “Ambient Assisted Living” deals with ways to support elderly people to live independently in their own homes through the help of technology. Electronic textiles worn on the body provide interesting opportunities for ambient notification within assistive systems, as they can be seamlessly integrated into everyday clothing and accommodate for completely private modalities, such as thermo-haptic feedback.