Mili John Tharakan (India/ZK), Tincuta Heinzel (RO/NE), Ebru Kumrak (TR/AT), Rebecca Stewart (US/UK)

About the artists

Mili John Tharakan (IN/ZK)

Tincuta Heinzel (RO/DE/UK) – project coordinator. Tincuta is an artist, designer and curator who worked in the field of electronic textiles for more then 10 years. After textile design and cultural anthropology studies, she completed a PhD at Paris 1 University Pantheon-Sorbonne (France) on the aesthetics of electronic and reactive textiles. She was is a Fulbright Scholar in Nanotextiles Laboratory at Cornell University (USA) and is visiting professor at UAUIM Bucharest (RO).

Ebru Kurbak (TR/AT)

Rebecca Stewart (UK/US)

Exhibited works

*DIS 2018 Full Papers and Notes noti‑cation – #230*

We present here a rejected paper and the reviews we received following our submission for DIS 2018 conference. DESIGNING INTERACTIVE SYSTEMS (DIS) conference is one of the major Human-Computer conferences and DIS 2018 invited submissions that addressed questions around Diversity and Design.

Our paper was an account on the results of a questionary we addressed to e-textiles practitioners, participants to the E-textiles Summer Camp. Although we found some of the comments relevant and helpful, we also found that some of the reviewers were too reserved when it came to endorse our position related to Google Jacquard project or that they were lacking social sciences competencies while commenting on the number of participants we should have considered for the questionary (obviously they were not able to make a dierence between a market research and a qualitative research inside a small community of e-textiles practitioners).