Tincuta Heinzel (Romania) & Corina Andor

About the artists

Tincuta Heinzel (RO/DE/UK) – project coordinator. Tincuta is an artist, designer and curator who worked in the field of electronic textiles for more then 10 years. After textile design and cultural anthropology studies, she completed a PhD at Paris 1 University Pantheon-Sorbonne (France) on the aesthetics of electronic and reactive textiles. She is a Senior Lecturer at Loughborough University (UK) and visiting professor at UAUIM Bucharest (RO).

Corina Andor (RO) had studied textile arts at the Academy of Visual Arts Ioan Andreescu in Cluj (Romania), graduated in 1998. Since 2000 she lectures at the Faculty of Visual Arts of Oradea University (Romania). In 2010 she obtained her doctoral degree at the University of West, Timisoara (Romania) with a practice based research related to the materiality and materialization in textile art. She exhibited in various galleries in Romania, Hungary, Italy. She worked with 2580 Association in several projects, such as “Areas of Conflu(x)ence” (2007) and “Artists in Industry”(2011-2012).

Exhibited works

Artists in Industry

Started in 2011, “Artists in Industry” (see: http://artistsinindustry.com) project was a platform which aimed to encourage design theory and research in Eastern Europe, and Romania more specifically. Between 2011 and 2013, three major actions were realized: the Romanian Textile Arts On-line Archive, the international conference “Artists in Industry.

The Role of Design in the Digital Age” and a national competition addressed to young Romanian designers. Initiated by 2580 Association, “Artists in Industry” project was motivated, on the one hand, by the lack of institutions in Romania interested in presenting and valuating the applied arts beyond an ethnographic interest (there are no museums of decorative art or centers dedicated to architecture and design), on the other hand, by the need to encourage a theoretical debate regarding the Romanian and Eastern European design.

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